LLodi DB

To see all the features for the LLodi DB Module, visit the API Reference.


  • Send data to your own database from Qlik.

  • Store your data into files (plain text, csv, json, xml...)


Install LLodi DB using the LLodi Installer.

DB Connections

Creating a connection

You can connect different databases to your LLodi DB. MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server are supported, but other types will be available soon.

If you change the port be sure that it is available.

Manage Connections

You can edit, delete or set default your existing connections. Your default database will be used if there is not a parameter that defines another database.

You can have more that one connection of a kind

To File

You can store your data in CSV, XML, JSON and TXT.

If you do not explicit some parameters when using LLodi DB, To File Defaults will be applied.

Set your default options

Using your LLodi DB

Find out your LLodi DB's URL


  • Protocol: If you have added a certificate, HTTPS, otherwise HTTP.

  • Address: localhost or the address to the server where you installed it.

  • Port: . If you are making a remote call, make sure the port is open in your firewall.