LLodi Core

LLodi Core helps you to manage and control all your installed modules.

Basic Configuration

Ports and Certificates

LLodi Agent supports both HTTP and HTTPS, when a certificate is provided HTTPS will be used, otherwise HTTP connection will be enabled.

You can modify the ports used for the different modules in your configuration tab.


Default Port

LLodi Core

8091 (can't be changed)

LLodi Agent


LLodi DB


Forms Manager


Note that if you change the port it will change the url of your LLodi Module


To use HTTPS you must upload a certificate (PFX or PEM)in the configuration tab. When your certificate is correctly uploaded, the status will be "Active", and HTTPS connection will be used.

Linking your Agent to a Qlik Sense Server

To connect LLodi and Qlik Sense Server it is required to upload a certificate and define the hostname of the server where Qlik Sense is installed.

If you need some help to connect using certificates check this Qlik Help page.

Use it.

Certificates in Qlik Sense Desktop

To use your modules in Qlik Sense Desktop choose "Desktop" as Qlik Installation type.

Some features can change or not being available using Qlik Sense Desktop

LLodi Key

To add an additional layer of security you can require a LLodi Key to be added to any request to your modules.

Click on Refresh button to update your LLodi Key

LLodi Key is a unique GUID defined and activated from your Core. When enabled, it becomes required as the llodi-key header for any request. See line 12 in the example below.

Example from Qlik script using LLodi Connector
LIB CONNECT TO 'LLodi Writer Connector';
FROM MailAgent
WITH GUID 123l4567-8l9o-0d1i-2a3l-456l7890od1i
to "fakename.smith@llodi.com",
subject "Important Email from LLodi!",
html "<b>WOW</b><p>Great job!</p><h1>Using LLodi mail is very cool</h1>:)"
WITH CONNECTION (HTTPHEADER "Content-Type" "application/json",
URL " https://server.llodiserver.com:8089/email",
HTTPHEADER "llodi-key" "6f473260-1234-e433-98yt-2e1nov040159"


When enabled Whitelist feature will accept only IPs or domains on the list, blocking all others.

You can add your IP or domain to the list just clicking on the save button

Installation Info

In this tab you will find information about your installation and the expiration date of your LLodi Suite license.

Your license expiration date refreshes when LLodi Core connects to platform


In this page you have unified the links to all your module web pages.

Clicking on this boxes will open the desired module


You can download LLodi Widgets from the platform and from LLodi Core.

Obtain the zip directly in LLodi Core