LLodi Agent

To see all the features for the LLodi Agent Module, visit the API Reference.


  • Provides a server-side environment to make your request.

  • Manages your authentication credentials for different APIs (LLodi Agent supports OAuth2 authentication).

  • Provides some out-of-the-box functionality for Qlik Sense.

  • Offers some built-in services like SMS, Twitter or Email.


Install LLodi Agent using the LLodi Installer.


This setting is for the Proxy feature.

To use a created connection, add the header "llodi-auth" with the name of the connection as a value.

Creating a connection

You can use LLodi Agent to manage your authentication credentials. Connection types supported are: Oauth2, API-key, Basic and JWT.

You will need some data from your app to create the connection

To manage your stored credentials, select them in the side menu. You can test, update or delete your existing connections.

Encrypted Fields as Password or Client Secret must be filled anytime a connection is updated.


Some features of the Agent (Qlik, Email, SMS, Twitter) require you to add some credentials.

Adding an Email Account

To add your email credentials just choose your email service in the dropdown, or configure your custom connection.

You can choose the authentication type

To connect your Gmail account you must allow less secure applications access in this link.

Use it.

Getting a SMS service.

We integrate Nexmo and Twilio, but you’ll need to sign up for a Nexmo or Twilio account to get started.

You must use either Nexmo or Twilio, both can't be active at the same time.

Switch between SMS services clicking on "Update"

Use it.

Connecting your Twitter

To be able to send Tweets you must provide your Twitter Keys.

Note that you must apply for a Twitter developer account to get your keys and complete the connection.

Use it.

Using your LLodi Agent

Find out your Agent's URL


  • Protocol: If you have added a certificate, HTTPS, otherwise HTTP.

  • Address: localhost or the address to the server where you installed it.

  • Port: . If you are making a remote call, make sure the port is open in your firewall.