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What is LLodi?

LLodi is a suite of products focused on provide integration and workflow capabilities to your BI platform.

We give Qlik users and consultants the ability to turn her insights into actions, straight from Qlik.

With LLodi you can do actions directly from Qlik, connecting with applications, databases and any REST APIs. Qlik will be no more a one-way path from data to analysis, closing the loop and adding writeback capabilities to your BI platform.

Why Llodi?

Days where there is a separation between analytical and operational applications for data capture, is coming to its end.

Today, reliable data, relevant perspectives and actions can be combined in a single workspace, providing analytical intelligence and operational execution.

The time has come for technology to adapt to how teams think and act, and not the other way around. The union of Qlik and LLodi will help organizations take advantage of market opportunities and react more quickly to any change in the environment.

What can I do with LLodi?

LLodi simplifies your day and your work putting together your knowledge and insights with the tools you use everyday for your tasks, alerts, approvals and actions.

With LLodi you can build actions on data to:

  • Update or create new records in almost any business application in the cloud or traditional model.

  • Automate processes in different applications, which are activated manually from the form or by establishing in the script the business rules with Qlik language.

  • Manage your approvals in just one place.

  • Notify users important changes in their data.

  • Create data-driven mobile applications that allow data capture.

  • Start Qlik internal processes, both at administration and execution level.

Use Cases

Put together your knowledge and insights with the tools you use everyday for your tasks, alerts, approvals and actions.

Sales Workspace. Drive sales performance

Easily combine relevant sales data from across your sales process to deliver a unified view. With Qlik, your sales team can explore data more deeply, and with LLodi can centralize key sales workflows:

  • Easily set up alerting rules and conditional notifications to make your data distribution smarter

  • Register calls, send emails or schedule meetings for your deals or contacts

  • Escalate a lead when it is not followed up within a given time

  • Save time and improve forecasts by updating opportunities

  • When an opportunity is won, automatically send invoice and track payment

Customer support Workspace. Increase productivity.

Call Center / Help Desk A common mistake for Call Centers that want to improve their SLA is to increase their team. LLodi can help:

  • Resolve your problems faster, everything in only one place

  • Increase efficiency by enabling teams to make requests and file tickets from Qlik®

  • SLA prioritization

  • Keep sales and support in-sync

  • Integrate your support apps with your development tools

  • Predictive support system and automatically creates support tickets

Marketing WorkSpace. Optimize impact

Do you want to win, serve and retain the best customers? Now you can move easily from data to campaign design, in order to take better decisions:

  • You can configure workflow tasks to share specific information

  • Customer segmentation. Send Personalized emails or Surveys

  • Associate marketing objectives with expected results for each marketing program

  • Create more customized campaigns with less hassle

  • Configure and automate standard workflows to facilitate collaboration in your team